Home Ambiance Diffuser - Honey Almond

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Pack Size: 6 pcs/pk

Heritage Reed Diffuser - Honey Almond

Sweet Honey Almond fragrance is a sweet confection of honeyed almonds blended together with raw sugar and delectable notes of buttery vanilla make this concoction a truly delicious scent.

Tailor fragrance intensity by adjusting reed quantity, use more for a stronger fragrance, less for a subtle aroma. Curate a fragrance that perfectly suits any occasion and complements your mood. Ideal for use in office settings.

Regulate desired fragrance strength by using more or fewer reeds. Flip them to provide a fresh burst of scent. Silent and stylish, offering continuous customizable scents that seamlessly blend into your surroundings.

Immerse your surroundings in lasting fragrance with our reed diffusers. No need for power sources—these decor-enhancing diffusers provide continuous, enduring aroma, adding an elegant touch to your space .

Elevate your space with our reed diffusers, offering a flame free, safe option for a warm, inviting atmosphere. Our diffusers provide a stylish solution for enhancing your ambiance without worry around a candle flame.

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