Autunno - Bourbon & Honey Reed Diffuser

SKU: 25084BH
Pack Size: 6 pcs/pk

Our Via Mercato Mini Reed Diffusers are designed to infuse your living spaces with a consistent aroma, creating a refreshing and inviting atmosphere. Say goodbye to fleeting scents and hello to a steady, enduring aroma that permeates your space. Use when a lit candle is not an option, office spaces or homes with children or pets. Our mini reed diffuser is a safe, flame-free and heat-free fragrance solution, ensuring peace of mind while enjoying a beautifully scented home. Control the amount of fragrance by adding fewer reeds or more for a stronger scent. To maintain the fragrance intensity, simply flip the reeds occasionally. Embrace the benefits of natural fragrances with our reed diffuser, crafted with essential oils and natural ingredients. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of essential oils while enhancing the ambiance of your home. We pay attention to every detail, down to the smallest ingredient, we strive to bring love and intention to our work and products. 

  • Includes 3 Fl. Oz. fragrance oil and 5 Reeds
  • Bourbon & Honey is a sophisticated scent where the rich, smooth essence of bourbon intertwines with the delicate sweetness of orange flowers and magnolia, complemented by hints of vanilla and cedarwood. This scent offers a warm, elegant fragrance that captivates and soothes.
  • Easy to use, remove the stopper and insert reeds. Regulate fragrance by using more or fewer reeds. Flip reeds occasionally as needed for consistent fragrance. 
  • A flame-free safe option for homes where burning a candle is not an option. In an office space, around small children or pets where burning a candle is a safety issue, this reed diffuser is the perfect option. 
  • For individuals with allergies or respiratory issues, our reed diffuser is an ideal choice. Reed diffusers do not produce smoke or soot, ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment. Enjoy the delightful scent without compromising air quality, making it suitable for everyone, including those with sensitivities.

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