How big are Pré de Provence Soaps Bars? 

Our soap bars are manufactured to 250g, 150g, and 28g.

Did the size labeling change on the soap bars? 

Yes, an adjustment was made to the 250g and 150g soap bars. New production no longer has the weight stamped into the actual soap. 

Why did you make the change? 

We adjusted our labeling to be compliant with weights and measures regulations. Over time, soap naturally loses water, and current regulations do not allow for any variance tolerance. 

Am I getting less soap? 

No! Our soap molds are the same, and all soap bars are still quadruple-milled, shea butter enriched, homogenous bars of the best soap possible via traditional manufacturing of Provence, France. 

What is the “e” symbol on the cellophane next to the barcode? 

This is a general mark in beauty and cosmetics that stands for “quantite’ estimee’ (or the ‘estimate symbol). It indicates the absolute minimum weight that product would never ebb below. 

Why does the e-symbol say 225/135 if it is a 250/150 gram soap? 

We wanted to indicate values beyond the lowest possible weight. Future production will be labeled with our true 250g and 150g sizing. 

Has this weight stamp change been made on all Pré de Provence soaps or just the core Pré de Provence line? 

This change has just been made to the Heritage line, sizes 250g and 150g. 

Why does the 25g soap bar have the weight stamp but 250g & 150g bars do not? 

Fun fact! Our 25g soaps bars are manufactured to be 28g, so the current stamp already allows for any moisture loss. 

Why does some of my product have weight marked and others do not? 

Purchasing and production takes several months, for new manufactured soap to roll out through distribution to our awesome customers! 

Can you ship me soap that is either all marked or not marked on my order if I request? 

No, we are not able to accommodate this request.


Pure Natural Ingredients | No Animal Testing | No GMOs | No Lead

Honey Almond

Honey and almond blend into the warm, sweet smell with exfoliating qualities.


Milk is classic, slightly sweet, ultra clean and a pleasure to the senses.


Lavender is a delightfully aromatic scent straight from the fields of Provence.

Rose Petal

Rose Petal is known for improving confidence and reducing stress and fatigue.

Sea Salt

Sea Salt is an aquatic scent that is fresh. clean and salty just like the sea.


Sage is herbal, fresh, and exhilarating with exfoliating properties.

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