Deeply rooted across time, the Olive Tree is nature's eternal source of beauty. Its silvery, green leaves, transformed by the Provencal light, inspired even Van Gogh to try and capture their essence. In the simplicity of nature, the olive tree bears a versatile fruit renowned for thousands of years for its health and wellness benefits. These gentle, aromatic fruits yield a vitamin rich moisture that is simply good for your skin. 

Olive Oil not only provides many health benefits, it also moisturizes dry skin with its gentle regenerating & soothing properties. Naturally rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants, our AOC Olive Oil (AOC is the official French label guaranteeing its origin) is carefully selected from olives harvested in Provence and is blended into each product from our Oliveraie Collection. The artistry of our Grasse Perfumers created our green floral fragrance evoking the beauty of an Olive Grove nestled in the Provencal landscape.

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