Dresdner Essenz

Since 1910, Dresdner Essenz has offered beneficial, nourishing
products to help achieve the harmonious balance of mind, body
and soul. Guided by the principals of aromatherapy for promoting
and restoring well-being using purely herbal products, great emphasis
has always been placed on high-quality, natural, raw materials. Created
with aromatic, premium ingredients, their luxury body care products 
offer the ultimate well-being bath experience. 
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Bath Essence - Juniper Wintergreen - European Soaps
Bath Essence - Thyme Honey - European Soaps
Bath Essence - Hemp - European Soaps
Bath Essence - Green Tea & Seaweed - European Soaps
Atlantic Bath Essence - European Soaps
Bath Essence - Melissa Lavender - European Soaps
Sparkling Bath - Spruce Eucalyptus - European Soaps
Bath Essence - Lavender Hop - European Soaps
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