Birth Flowers and the Meaning Behind Them

Most of us know our astrological sign and our birthstone, but did you know that every month has its own birth flower? Most months even have two! Keep on reading to find out what your birth flowers are and what it means. If you’re interested in learning more about these flowers and their meanings head over to the

January - Carnation and Snowdrop


Carnations come in several colors, and each one has its own meaning. Pink carnations symbolize affection, red carnations mean “I love you”, white carnations stand for pure love while yellow carnations mean rejection or disappointment. The striped carnation stands for regret that love is not shared. Snowdrops use to symbolize bad luck because they grew in graveyards. However, their meaning has changed and they now signify hope and beauty.

February - Violet and Primrose


Violets signify watchfulness, loyalty, and faithfulness. The primrose lets someone know you cannot live without them. 

March - Daffodil


Daffodils symbolize unequaled love or expressing love that cannot be rivaled or imitated. Daffodils are also often associated with death and rebirth.

April - Daisy and Sweet Pea


The daisy signifies innocence, loyal love and purity. It is also a symbol among friends to keep a secret. Sweet peas signify blissful pleasure and are also the goodbye flower.

May - Lily of the Valley and Hawthorne Plant

lily of the valley

The lily of the valley signifies sweetness, humility and the return of happiness. They are good for showing someone that they complete your life. The hawthorn plant has also been noted for May and means hope and supreme happiness.

June - Rose and Honeysuckle


Most of us know that different colors of roses mean different things. Pink symbolizes happiness, red means “I love you”, white represents purity or innocence and yellow conveys jealousy (or friendship, depending on who you ask.) Honeysuckle is the other flower of June and symbolizes the everlasting bonds of love. If you are looking for rose scented items, look no further than our Rose de Mai collection. 

July - Water Lily and Larkspur

water lily

The water lily indicates purity and majesty. The larkspur indicates the strong bonds of love. Pink larkspurs convey fickleness, white ones mean happy nature and purple represents first love. Water lily can be found in our Monet Water Lily Soap as well as in the entire line of Via Mercato No.5 products. 

August - Poppy and Gladiolus


Like many flowers, the poppy means different things in different colors. The red poppy signifies pleasure, the white stands for consolation and the yellow indications the wishing of wealth and success. Gladiolus indicate that the heart has been pierced with love. Pavot is another word for poppy, and can be found in our Marseille Pavot Soap.

September - Morning Glory and Aster

morning glory

Morning glories are a simple symbol of affection. Those who rise early may be able to watch their lovely blooms open, as they are generally curled closed late in the day. Asters are mainly a symbol of powerful love.

October - Marigold and Cosmos


Marigolds are often a sign of warm of fierce undying love or a way of saying that you are content with someone. Cosmos are a symbol of order, peace, and serinity.

November - Chrysanthemum


The chrysanthemum is a powerful emblem of youth in both Chinese and Japanese culture. Traditionally the red ones mean “I love you”, the white ones mean innocence, purity and pure love and the yellow mean slighted love.

December - Narcissus and Holly


The narcissus (specifically the paperwhite) convey that you want your beloved to stay just where they are. Holly symbolizes your wish for domestic happiness.

Now that you’ve read all about these lovely flowers, check out our wide variety of luxurious floral soaps. If you want to learn more about these birth flowers and read the full description, the article we used for this info can be found here.
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