Just for Kids: Fun in the Tub!

Since 1910, Dresdner Essenz has offered beneficial, nourishing products to help achieve the harmonious balance of mind, body and soul. Created just for kids, these certified "Dirty Birdie" bath products are formulated with Natural Essential Oils and Wheat protein. Free of mineral oil, alkali soaps and synthetic colorings.

Just for Kids Natural Bath Salts

The Dirty Birdie Bubble Bath Foam has very effective skin conditioning properties and was developed for sensitive children's skin with mild sugar surfactants. Wheat protein and sesame oil provide gentle care for your skin. Comes in two delicious scents: Fresh-Fruity Mandarin and Soothing Lavender

The invigorating effect of natural essential Mandarin Oil improves concentration and creativity. Soothing Lavender helps calm and prepare your child for a good night's sleep.

Guided by the principals of aromatherapy for promoting and restoring well-being using purely herbal products, great emphasis has always been placed on high quality, natural, raw materials. Created with aromatic, premium ingredients, their luxury body care products offer the ultimate well-being bath experience. 



Dirty Birdie Bath Powder - Be Happy: Rose & Vanilla Oil.

Dirty Birdie Bath Powder - Cheer Up: Grapefruit & Orange Oil.

Dirty Birdie Bath Powder - Soothing: Marigold Extract.

Dirty Birdie Bath Powder - Star Gaze: Lavender Oil.

Dirty Birdie Bubble Bath - Fruity Mandarin.

Dirty Birdie Bubble Bath - Soothing Lavender.


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