5 Simple Beard Care Tips Every Man Should Know

It's been one week of No Shave November and it's time to start caring for you beard!

Happy No Shave November! You're a week in and we know it can sometimes be difficult to keep up on that beard care and maintenance so we've crafted together a blog post that will give you the best beard care products and tips.
And when the time comes to finally shave, we've got you covered there too. 


Here are five simple beard care tips every man should know...

1. Wash Your Beard 

Even though you don't have to shave, your beard is still going to require some care and grooming. In order to keep your beard looking good, wash it. And by that, we mean with shampoo and conditioner several times a week. This will help alleviate some of the itchiness you might otherwise experience. When you've finished washing, pat dry your beard down with a towel. Try not to get too crazy with the drying or it may result in split ends and frizz (yes, beards get those too). 

2. Apply Beard Oil

Here at Pré de Provence, we have some stellar beard care products. Your best friend this month will be our No. 63 Men's Beard Oil.
 Beard oil is crucial to beard care and maintenance because it softens the beard and makes it look smooth and shiny. Our beard oil is enriched with Organic Sunflower Oil, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, and Vitamin E to ensure hydration and locked in moisture.

That's not all...

When it actually comes time to shave your beard at the end of the month you are going to want to get a shave that is clean, close, and free of irritation.

Here's how to achieve the perfect shave...

3. Allow Prep Time to Shower and Hydrate

When preparing to hunker down and shave your glorious beard off, many men don't realize that there is a lot of prepping that goes into a good shave.
 We can't stress this enough: do not shave immediately after waking up.
Your skin needs time to re-hydrate after waking up first thing in the morning so before inching towards the razor, take twenty minutes to get ready. Drink a glass of water and take a shower and wash your face (but avoid turning the dial to scalding hot or your skin will dry out). The shower will even help soften your skin and make the shave easier.  

4. Invest in Good Shave Soap 

A good shaving soap or cream is rich and creamy and will not dry out your face. It will lubricate and moisturize your face and create an extra layer that shields skin from the blade, making it glide easier. We offer both Shave Soap and Shave Cream, both enriched with Shea Oil and hydrating to your skin.

What's the real story?

If you want to see a real review of our shave soap, watch this YouTube video and see first hand how great our shave soap and cream is. 


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5. Get Acquainted with a Shaving Brush

In order to achieve a clean and smooth shave, a shaving brush is necessary. Brushes help evenly spread the shaving cream across each hair, raising them up and making it easier to shave off. They also help remove dead skin while exfoliating your skin and eliminating the chance of razor bumps.Finally, as opposed to using your hands, a shaving brush will ensure a creamy, rich lather that will lubricate both beard and skin, creating a close and clean shave. 

There you have it-- five important tips for beard care and maintenance as well as how to shave a beard off when the time comes. Be sure to check out all the products we offer for men for proper skincare.

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