No. 63

Aromatic, warm and spicy in nature, No.63 is a classic expression of masculine fragrance with a peppery citrus top note rounded by woody cedarwood, juicy plum, and violet leaves that finish into an ambery base of leather and tobacco

 It always starts with a road trip. After hours of flying, we head out from Marseille onto a faceless highway that could be found anywhere in the world.Finally, we feel the road begin to gently bend and wind around wooded hillsides, woven among open farmlands as we climb the mountainous plateaus and valleys.Bright sun and blue skies rejuvenate us. The fresh air of warm woody, herbaceous scents invigorates us.Where will the next curve take us on our adventure 63 miles north into the heart of Provence? Welcome to No.63.

Men's 63 Candle (170g)
$ 8.50
Men's 63 Hand Cream - European Soaps
$ 7.50
No. 63 After Shave Balm - European Soaps
$ 10.00
No. 63 Shave Cream - European Soaps
$ 10.00
No. 63 Hair and Body Wash - European Soaps
$ 8.00
No. 63 Body Lotion - European Soaps
$ 10.00
No. 63 Shave Soap - European Soaps
$ 10.00
No.63 Beard Oil (150g) - European Soaps
$ 7.50
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